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Les Paul Heaven was started By David M. Lavoie President / CEO of Pyromate Inc,

Manufacturers of Electronic Pyrotechnic Firing Systems and is a division of Pyromate Inc..

It is my belief that the Gibson Les Paul is the most unique and functional guitar ever conceived, 

It is beautiful and fits all styles of music, all you need to do is hold one of these magnificent

beauties in your hands and you will be forever in love.

What started as a collection has turned into a business of buying and selling

these wonderful instruments, we also have a passion for building hand wired

boutique amplifiers with vintage components to attain the sweet tone that is so well

complimented by any Les Paul, You will also find other vintage Guitars and amps

for sale on this site Thanks For Looking and Enjoy.

David M. Lavoie

   I check out every guitar before I buy it.  Plus the guitars are checked out by an authorized Gibson tech. and stored in a climate controlled environment.

All Purchases come with a satisfaction Guarantee.

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