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Ibanez White  Jem
1994 model w/Ebony Fretboard

I bought this guitar from an Ibanez endorsee. This guitar is setup to play like butter... it's virtually flawless! It has the ebony fretboard which I prefer on this particular model... Whats unique about this guitar is the black hardware. Everything has been changed to black: the screws, strap buttons, screws, everything. If you are like me you hate the gold... it tarnishes and feels cheap. The 5 way switch has been changed to a 3 way. I can't emphasize enough how clean this guitar is... You have to look really close to find any light scratches...Comes in original case in great condition. You won't find a model this early as nice a condition. It looks like it just came out of the box. Questions are welcome...


















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