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1970 Les Paul Ox Blood Finish

Jeff Beck Model

1970 (serial number 686XXX) Gibson Les Paul Custom, in super rare Oxblood color, like Jeff Beck's famous model! It looks black in normal lighting, but in bright or direct light (see photo 2), it has a very dark 'oxblood' or deep blood red color to it (not to be confused with 'wine red', which is a much lighter color). Un-dotted i in the logo, with a 6-digit serial, small volute, and made in USA stamp! Excellent condition, arrow straight neck, super low action! Sounds, plays and looks amazing. Original PAF number t top humbuckers! Appears to be all original except: Brass Nut, and replacement bridge. I do know that one pot has been changed, I don't know about the other 3, I tried to find codes on them but couldn't find them without having to pull everything out. See Photo 12. Has transitional/medium tenon neck (see photo 11). Frets look to have been re-fretted, I don't see the binding nibs (photo 5) There is some wear on the gold parts, especially the bridge. Collectors and players gem! Comes with later model Gibson Protector case! All sales Final, as is, please see photos, as they are part of the description. Please ask me any questions! Lower 48 only. Shipping is a Flat rate of $65, but I will refund any overages.  You will love her!

















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